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In July 2017, Beyond Reform and Development, in partnership with Hivos, Peoples Unlimited
launched a report on women’s political participation in Lebanon. The one-year study looked at
women’s participation in unions and syndicates, political parties, the judicial system and civil society. The findings from the study were collected using several qualitative data collection tools (interviews, literature review, and focus groups). In 2018, a perceptions survey was conducted across
Lebanon using a national representative sample to explore various perceptions of women’s participation in politics. The qualitative results revealed patterns in the challenges women face when
engaging in politics, such as a lack of career development opportunities, negative stereotypes of
women in politics and limits to their ability to engage in politics. As such, this quantitative survey
serves to understand, highlight and address patterns in these perceptions, the characteristics of
individuals opposing women participating in politics and the perceived challenges to women’s