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This dataset contains Food Prices data for Lebanon. Food prices data comes from the World Food Programme and covers foods such as maize, rice, beans, fish, and sugar. It is updated weekly but contains to a large extent monthly data.


Dataset1: Lebanon – Food Prices

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Dataset1: Lebanon – Food Median Prices

Food median prices data with HXL tags. Median of all prices for a given commodity observed on different markets is shown, together with the market where it was observed. Data are shortened in multiple ways:

  • Rather that prices on all markets, only median price across all markets is shown, together with the market where it has been observed.
  • Only food commodities are displayed (non-food commodities like fuel and wages are not shown).
  • Only data after 2015-01-15 are shown. Missing data are interpolated.
  • Column with shorter commodity names “cmnshort” are available to be used as chart labels.
  • Units are adapted and prices are rescaled in order to yield comparable values (so that they can be displayed and compared in a single chart). Scaling factor is present in scaling column. Label with full commodity name and a unit (with scale if applicable) is in column “label”.

This reduces the amount of data and allows to make cleaner charts.

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Citizen initiative: Dashboard created by Lebanese students

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