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This report examines the overall statistics of electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) placed
on the market (POM), the national stock and its subsequent e-waste generation, its disposal
routes, and e-waste collection for environmentally sound management. The main findings
are that 63 kt EEE were placed on the market in Lebanon in 2021, entering the stock of
households and businesses. The total stock of EEE in Lebanon in 2021 is calculated at 659 kt.
Once devices are broken or unused, the household survey suggests that repair and donation
are the predominant intentions of Lebanese households, which is likely to extend the lifespan
of the EEE. In 2021, 46 kt of e-waste was discarded from the stock and became e-waste.
Once discarded, waste management infrastructure is lacking, and e-waste ends up with the
municipal solid waste or is collected by the informal sector. As a result, of the 46 kt e-waste
generation in 2021 only 0.09 kt was documented by two e-waste national dismantling entities
in Lebanon to have been managed in an environmentally sound manner.