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In 2013, a collaborative work was initiated between the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the Institute of the Environment, University of Balamand (IOE-UOB), regarding the execution of the data analysis related to wildfires in Lebanon. The main goal of this collaboration is to produce a yearly report on wildfire occurrence and the extent of burned areas in Lebanon. The analysis is done based on the data provided in the fire ID cards filled in by the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and copied to the Ministry of Environment, knowing that the fire ID cards format was issued through the notification of the Presidency of Council of Ministers number 256 dated on 1/3/2008. The report comes in line with the highlights of the technical requirements of Lebanon’s National Strategy for Forest Fire Management (endorsed by Council of Ministers Decision No. 52 dated 13/5/2009) by working towards the unification of fire information and data as a means to empower efforts in understanding better the problem of wildfires in Lebanon.

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University of Balamand

University of Balamand