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In the midst of severe regional and internal pressures Lebanon has shown a remarkable, and perhaps unexpected, degree of resilience. A look at basic development indicators suggests the country has made massive gains towards human development in recent decades. However this cursory glance fails to illuminate the major blockages which continue to mire further progress and restrict the human capabilities of those in Lebanon. At the center of this situation are the youth of Lebanon who are personally confronted by many of these development challenges on a daily basis and whose empowerment is central to the well-being of the nation as a whole. This study aims to provide an updated analysis of the socio-economic situation of Lebanese youth and illustrate the wide development disparities between different groups within the country. The study also includes updates about the welfare and living conditions of non-Lebanese resident youth (mostly refugees). This paper serves to promote more factually informed decision making among all parties seeking to advance the human development status of Lebanon.              This report was made possible through the generous support of the People of Japan through UNDP Regional Bureau of Arab



United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme